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Free delivery for all orders

Weekly Pill Medicine Storage Case Box

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$24.90 - $24.90
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• Troublesome of losing and gather all your pill in your portable medicine storage box? Why not keep it on the metallic surface and take it separately according to the day.
•Stick a magnet sheet at the back of pill box. It can be put next to your refrigerator or any metallic surface so it can be reached easily.
• Big capacity for pill: 16pcs of vitamin pills, 10 pcs of plastic pill, 24 pcs of big round pills and 56pcs of small round pills
• Magnetic sheet (max. able to contain weight) : 1.2kg
• Product Size (approx.): Medicine Box:L11.3 x W5 x H12.4cm; Daily Medicine Case: L11 x W4.8 x H1.6cm;Magnetic Sheet:L7 x H9cm
•Material: ABS,PS &PE