Multi Function UV Sterilizer Box

Multi Function UV Sterilizer Box

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•To kill germs and bacteria without use any chemical liquids, up to 99.99% virus killing for small space.
•Easy Use : Press the button, 8 minutes can help you finish the sterilizing process.
•Application: it can used for glasses, Jewelry, keys, toys, wallets or other small items.
•Material : ABS
•Available in 2 Colors : Black / White
•Weight (approx) : 267g
•Voltage Power Input: 5V/2A Micro-USB
•UV Wave Length : 253.7nm
•Disinfection Power : 3W
•Aromatheraphy Power : 2W
•Sterilization Duration : 8 minutes
•Product Dimension : L205 x W120 x H34.5mm
•Sterilization Phone Size: up to 6.5 inch Phone (168*89*22mm)
•Package includes: Sterilizer*1,micro USB charging cable*1,user manual*1,frame cloth*1

•How To Use:
1)Connect charger or computer USB port with charging cable through sterilizer micro USB interface, the LED status indicator turns red and on standby mode.
2)Open the sterilizer cover, place the item into the cavity and close the cover. Add aroma if needed.
3)Touch the power button to start sterilize, the LED status indicator turns green breathing status.
4) After 8 minutes the LED status indicator changes from green breathing status to red, sterilization completed.

Safe Instructions
1. Keep the unit far from flame,water and corrosive chemicals.
2. Do not clean the unit with organic solvent.
3. Do not stare at the ultraviolet lamp for long time.

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